May be it's too late for me to post this info. But, in fact just a month ago I find information if there is a free document operating from google, it's named Google Docs. Google Docs was launched by Google as free and online document operating last year. The idea is we can shared our document to our friend. If you want to use it, The Google Document link can be accessed by logging in to the Google Gmail account. Then,
look at the upper left hand side when you are logged in to your Gmail account.

Google Document location: Upper left corner

The Documents link as seen below.

Clicking the Documents link opens a page as seen below.

This is where we can share our document to our friend. If you want to see the complete how to use this aplication, you can visit http://www.google.com/google-d-s/intl/en/tour1.html
There is you can find a tutorial about Google Docs.

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