Bluetoth 3.0We generally hear and maybe always use bluetoth. When I read a PC magazine I find a good news about bluetoth. Bluetoth Special Interest Group have launch Bluetoth 3.0 and it specification. Bluetoth 3.0 is a high speed wireless connection. The highest speed of bluetoth 3.0 can reach until 24 megabytes per second, it's more higher than Bluetoth 2.0 that give us maximum speed transfer at 3 megabytes per second.

Bluetoth 3.0 have a high speed transfer because this wireless technology can be able to penetrate the 802.11 radio protocol that known as WiFi. Although we can combine bluetoth and Wifi, but the transfer of data remain to be done through Wifi on a Wifi network. This especially in the large volume of data transfer, such as images, video, etc.

Blutoth 3.0 also promises a minimum of energy consumption so that it does not absorb much energy, as in previous versions. Supporting this new technology has also been prepared. Atheros and Broadcom, the two companies that make the hardware for this bluetoth are currently preparing for its products. Estimated, in 9 to 12 months, bluetoth 3.0 have enjoyed in the consumer products.

Uff.., it seems we still have to wait this product patiently.

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