SONY had lounch the new notebook which named VAIO G3. A Notebook with a 12.1 inch screen disply is quite brief, and solid. It's weight also be regarded lightly, for the size of a laptop with a 12 inch screen, only 898 grams.
There is an option the use of processor Intel Core 2 Duo SU9300 processor or Intel Core 2 Dup SU9400. 12,1 inch screen display is able to displaying 1024X 768 resolution. It was equipped with 160 GB of diskdrive. Notebook with Intel GMA 4500 MHD of graphic controller is also equipped with wireless connectivity a/b/g/n, and bluetooth.
Notebook with Intel vPro platform, Centrino 2 is claimed to have battery resistance up to 13 hours. A unique design also provides the unique ability to hold up to 200cc liquid spillage. Thus, users need not to worry if your notebook was spilled your coffe on the coffee table.
Price: $1.979

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Hello everybody in the world. At this time i would lke to share my antivirus from PCMedia. Its release at the middle of March and named PCMAV 2.0.0. If you want to get it, just click at the bottom below.

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Here is some math problems for 12th years of High School for Immersion Class Programme. This math problems is for Social Science Programme about ANNUITY. You can click Read More below to see complete post.


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How do we put the file on the blog that we have that can be downloaded by other people?
First, the file must be uploaded to the web site which provides the space that we can use to save the file. So we must have an account at the site which provide file hosting. Currently many web sites that provide file hosting, some we need to pay having space at that site, but we can also have a free! Of course, if only for the private blog it's enough for us having free file hosting. In this blog I use 4shared free file hosting. With 4shared we can save our file up to 5 Gigabyte without pay or FREE. So, if you want to join with 4shared please click the button below.

Join 4Shared Now!

Next the screen will appear as shown below.

Next fill in the requested data, like email and password, select the fields in the plan let it remain FREE file hosting for free. Then click Sign Up until the display is shown as below.

If the display is shown as above, we have joined with 4shared. To upload a file click Browse, then select the file from our computer. Next click Upload. After the upload process is complete we will get the code from the link file. The code that we get will use in one of the words or the download button on our posting that we set its link with the code that we acquired earlier. So, you should try this....

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Random Access Memory (RAM) is used to hold data temporarily in the computer. The more applications that we open, the more RAM is also used. There are ways to add RAM to take advantage of the flash (data storage), with additional software (application) eBooster.exe, we can increase our RAM without having to buy new RAM. We often use the computer, because asyiknya, we open Microsoft Word and Excel, PowerPoint, Access, plus AdobePhotoShop, CorelDraw. Then we want to Winamp to listen to the music. But suddenly we hang the computer, Alias dead. Why is this happening?
Because the capacity of RAM is exhausted, RAM (Random Access Memory) commonly used to store data in computers. This means the data can only be viewed on screen, but we have not saved to storage media, such as Hardisk, flash, CD Room, and so forth. The more applications that we open in our computer, the more likely that we use the RAM. As an illustration of RAM as follows. Eg in the computer we installed RAM with a capacity of 512 Mb. Each application will be open that we need RAM, or easily open each individual application we then have a supply of RAM will be reduced. For instance, for example, if we open a Microsoft Word, Microsoft Word will then need temporary memory (RAM) of 300 Mb (not the actual data, because I had not need Microsoft Word to measure how much memory to be able to walk), the supply of RAM that is live ( 512-300 = 212 Mb). If we reopen the application can not be more than 212 Mb, if the application dibukan exceeds 212 Mb, eg Microsoft Excel memory required is 300 MB, the computer will Hang (OVER CLOCK), because the memory requirement for running the program is not enough. To increase the capacity of RAM is usually we need to purchase additional RAM, to be larger. However, the material in this time we will increase the capacity of RAM with FLASHDISK, with the argument, that can work double-flash can be used for RAM can also save data. The greater capacity of flash, then the larger the RAM, which you can add.
From: http://www.ilmukomputer.com/

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Immersion Class Program is a program for school in Indonesia which has a class with an english as a base language in teaching. But if i want to looking for some article about materials teaching or math problems for Immersion Class Program it's so difficult.
Actually i'm not a teacher at the Immersion Class Program, but in my blog i want to post any materials, or math problems. I hope you will get advantage from here. Here is some materials or math program for Immersions Class Program:

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Here is a table with some examples of how to read mathematics expressions in english

Mathematics Expression

How to Read in English

3 + 2 = 5three plus two is equal to five
9 - 4 = 5nine minus four is equal to five
7 x 6 = 42seven times six is equal to fourty two
8 : 2 = 4eight divided by two is equal to four
square of five / five to the second power
cube of five / five to third power
five to fourth power
- 6negative six
5 > 2five is greater than two
2<5> two is less than five
a≥ba is greater than or equal to b
b≤ab is less than or equal to a
a≠ba is not equal to b
a half
a quarter
three quarter
one fifth
two thirds
two and one third
square root of seven
cube root of seven
fifth root of seven
23,786twenty three thousand seven hundred eighty six
23.786twenty three and seven hundred eghty six thousand
3 : 5three is to five / the ratio of three to five

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Good morning everybody...... Suddenly, at this morning I want to post math again, and then I select a math probelms about the Progeression foro 12th Class. In fact to post mathematic problems make me confuse. If the package consists of several page may be not a problem using the download facility, but if only one page and you must download, it seems to complicated. But until now for such things, a matter that only one page earlier in the image format (jpg, PSD). If you have thw way how to write equation editor in the blog posting, tell me please...
Here is the pict of Math Problems : The Progression.

You just click at the showing picture beside to get the real size of the picture.
If you need the problems in Indonesian you can clik here. So, don't forget give your comment below. Thanks

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Cybermetrics Lab recently released ranking of best universities in the world based on the existence on the internet. 16,000 universities from around the world which participate in this event, Indonesia has placing 26 university in the best 5000 group of the world. This rank is only a measure how far the universities utilize the Internet. However, it noted, university-college world's best at this time, also has a excellent webometrics ranking.
Read the list below:
World Ranking - Universities
623 - Gadjah Mada University
676 - Bandung Institute of Technology
906 - University of Indonesia *

1604 - Gunadarma University
1762 - Ten Nopember Institute of Technology
1960 - STT Telkom
2013 - Petra Christian University
2152 - Brawijaya University
2159 - Sebelas Maret University
2672 - Airlangga University
2730 - University of Padjadjaran
3016 - Electronic Engineering Polytechnic Institute of Surabaya
3138 - Diponegoro University
3198 - Hasanuddin University
3254 - University of North Sumatra
3310 - Yogyakarta State University
3347 - Indonesia University of Education *
3491 - Lampung University
3669 - Duta Wacana Christian University
3821 - Universitas Islam Indonesia
3950 - University of Udayana
3983 - Maranatha Christian University
4430 - University Mercubuana
4572 - University General Soedirman
4780 - Jember University
4800 - Semarang State University

Source: Webometrics.info

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Perhaps if you read the title of this post you can laugh. Materials teaching Microsoft Word 2000 for Windows 98 still used? Office in 2009 that available in use is office 2007 with Windows Vista operating system, even the operating system may have to try the latest release of Windows 7. But why I still post Word 2000? The answer is because I'm not sure that all schools can follow the growth of computer software application that developed rapidly. Many schools that still maintain the computer lab "expired" because of the limited funds of the school, so that may not continue to update the program for a computer application is expired. Therefore, I try to post the teaching materials Word2000 for Windows'98 to try them, hopefully useful. To get free teaching materials Word 2000 for Windows 98 to stay just click download button below.

download here

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Kumon learning system is developed first by a Japanese named Toru Kumon, who is also a high school Mathematics teacher. Initially, in the year 1954, he was requested by his wife to help her son subjects Mathematics, Takeshi, who was sitting in when the class 2 SD. He then designed a system so that children can learn in an effective, systematic, and have the basics of Mathematics strong.
Is such that:
Refers to the target "level Mathematics SMU"
Make a spreadsheet with the order of the subjects increased "step by step"
Provide a spreadsheet can be completed by their children every day in less than 30 minutes

Takeshi practice with the system to learn this routine every day. The result, he can complete Persamaan Integral calculus and differential tuition equivalent high school level, while still sitting in the class 6 SD. Toru Kumon and wish that other children also benefit as this study. She applies this to the children in an environment where. The result is satisfactory, and the Kumon learning system developed from mouth to mouth. Today, Kumon not only to spread throughout Japan, but also to the world.
Travel Kumon Education System
1954 Year 1954 Toru Kumon Kumon learning system created for her son, Takeshi, who was sitting in when the class 2 SD
Opened in 1956 the first class using the Kumon learning materials
Founded in 1958 the organization "Kumon INSTITUTE OF EDUCATION" which is based in Osaka, Japan
1962 Opened office in Tokyo, Japan
1974 Class Kumon outside Japan first opened in New York, USA
1980 English Program (Reading) have been developed
Opened in 1990 "Swiss Kumon High School in Leysin, Switzerland
Opened in 1993 "Kumon International High School" in Yokohama, Japan
2000 Number of students in the world reaching more than 2.6 million anakDidirikan Regional Headquarters for the 5 regions: Japan, North America, South America, Europe & Africa, Asia & Oceania
2006 Number of students in the world reaching more than 3.9 million children

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PCMEDIA at the middle of february 2009 has release the new antivirus update for Indonesian users. PCMAV 1.93 is specialist for local virus in Indonesia. But think not only useful in Indonesia, in the whole world can use that antivirus. If you want to try this antivirus, you can downlaod it, its free.

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Kumon is a learning system that provides learning programs for individuals in accordance with their respective capabilities, which allows children dig themselves and develop their potential abilities maximally. Through lessons Mathematics and English, Kumon is not just any form of academic ability, but will also establish a positive character and "life-skills" (life skills) that will be useful for the future of children. Kumon can be followed by the pre children, elementary school students, junior high students and high school students, with all levels of ability. Kumon learning system supported by the study of materials arranged systematically and step by step 'so that no child can feel lessons forward to the higher. Kumon was first developed in 1954 by a Japanese high school Mathematics teacher, Toru Kumon, who originally wanted to help their child's learning Mathematics. Kumon has now spread in 45 countries in the world with the number of students, more than 4:13 million.
Source: http://www.kumon.co.id/

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Laptop(notebook) increasingly cheap. With less than Rp5 millions, you can bring home a laptop with enaugh Featured in it. Laptops no longer luxury. Laptops or oftenly called notebook seems to be something that we must have. Knowing that, the manufacturers try to release a laptop with the new entry-level price. However, it also makes the type and brand of laptop on the market and more and more diverse. This of course can create consumer confusion. So how to choose the right laptop?

First, set the first use of your laptop. Design and gaming functions clearly need more specification. Especially in VGA, memory and processor. VGA or graphics card is working to change the digital signal from the computer graphics on a display screen. Better VGA make sharpness detail and good looking at your screen. Instead, the processor and memory must be adjusted to the operating system and applications are to be used. Applications such as Adobe Photoshop or Autodesk 3ds Max need large memory (more than 512 MB) and requires a multi-core processors to operate it.

Second, how is your mobility. If you are more often on the road, there is a good idea to select a laptop with a small size ergonomis and harmonious. This will make you easy to carry and you need to have the battery resistance, the size of the light, and the small screen that was easy.

Third, features that include in it, connectivity features like Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, infrared, to a modem that is very important. This is for those of you who have a high frequency for the access to the internet.

Fourth, note the after-sales service and warranty. To get the after sales service and warranty are satisfied that you choose a laptop with a brand that is popular and has quality assurance of the brand.

Fifth, note also a matter of availability of services and spare parts service.

Finally the budget is very important for us to buy a laptop.

Now, the cohoice is yours.....

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