April 22th is Mathematics day for high school students in Indonesia. They had a Final Examination of Mathematics. Many students crying after they had examination at many school. Many of my students told me, the math problems was very difficult. But, in my country, Mathematics was one of any lessons in high school that was very scared. I don't know why. So, as a new math teacher, after the examination of mathematics I had surf anything about mathematics. How to teach mathematics that can make mathematics not become a "devil" that scared every students in my country. And i have find an article that written by Sasha Orman at http://www.mathgoodies.com that talk about how to teach mathematics trough the technology. Here is the complete artcle.

Math Through Technology

When you think of "technology," many applications may pop into your head, but "teaching tool" may not necessarily be one of them. Why is this? Perhaps it's because of its newness, but technology in the classroom should not be shied away from. To the contrary, it can be one of the most effective teaching tools available.

Educate Your Students By Gaining Their Interest

Students these days are subjected to a barrage of fast-paced mental stimulation, from music videos to video games. Too many teachers see these as hopeless competition, when really they could be using the same techniques to grab students' attention and teach them something at the same time. Textbooks may be the backbone of the classes you teach - it is hard to do otherwise, really - but by no means must they be the only source of learning.
• Getting your students active and working together is your best avenue toward getting them interested. Technology is a great tool for this: not only will your students have a more vivid memory of their math lessons, but they will be learning a slew of technical skills as well. Send your class on WebQuests for research. Instead of poster-board team projects, why not have them construct a PowerPoint presentation? Take them to the school's computer lab to check out math-related podcasts. (If your classroom has individual computer, so much the better!) Engaging your students and keeping them active will really make your lessons memorable, and teach new skills to boot!
• Mix things up! If you only stick to one variation of interaction, it will become just as much of a routine as textbooks in no time flat. Play a math game with your students one day, and play them some math music the next. Every day can’t be extra-special (those chapter tests have to come sometime), but your students will treasure the times when they are.

Educate Your Students by Educating Yourself

Perhaps the greatest thing about technology is how, by definition, it is forever changing and evolving. However, as technology changes, you have to be prepared to keep up with it. Luckily, there are many different resources available to teachers for honing and upkeep of your tech-savvy skills.
• One of your biggest allies is the internet -- take this very site, for example! Many educational resources you already trust have online outlets these days. PBS is a shining example, with an assortment of ideas and sources to supplement your lesson plans at any specific topic or grade level grouping.
• If you find yourself growing bored at your own lessons, then perhaps you need a little more than just some website suggestions. In fact, a refresher course of even a new degree may be in order. Of course, these days you don't have to give up your teaching career while you get an education of your own! Many online teaching universities offer instructional technology degrees to bring you up to date on cutting-edge learning theory and all the latest in software and multimedia (and how it best fits in with your curricula!), and best of all, you can take the classes on your own time and even work new ideas into your current lesson plans!

I think, I agree with this article. I had ever do the tips, and I think students more enjoy with mathematics.

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Sometimes we want to be different with the others, may be different in our appearance, such as style of dress, hair model, or the accessories that we use. You may even have a hobby that is different from most people, like doing somethings extreme or unique, or just collecting somethings unique.
Well, if you have a hobby with anything about computer and want to be different, there is a device that is different from most of the device. USB Optical Mouse that designed as an Arrow shape. May be it makes you have an alternative option.
Unique USB Optical MouseUnique USB Optical Mouse

Optically mouse with sensitifity 800dpi uses a USB interface, and features a retractable USB cable that can be adjusted along the length to a maximum of 75 cm. This product has dimensions of 70 x 138 x 40 mm, with the weight of 59gr.
Arrow-shaped mouse cursor is available with a choice of red and black. Although the design does not have the usual like most mouse, this mouse is designed Compact and ergonomic easy-to-grab design. Comfortable fit for right or left hand. This info can be obtained at http://usb.brando.com.hk/. The price is not too expensive at around $ 12.
Some time ago I tried to find in stores around where I live, but has not been found. Maybe in other cities already have or may be we can not find yet in Indonesia?

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I'm just a blogger from Indonesia. My English is very bad. So, if you find anything wrong about grammer etc, please correct it at the comment place. I'll so happy if you do that.

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Many mobile browsers that have a fast performance, such as Mobile Safari, RIM's browser, and Internet Explorer Mobile, but does not seem faster than the Opera Mobile 9.7. The previous Opera Mobile browser, Opera Mobile 9.5, many users have been amazed by Opera 9.5, but still had a lot of rough edges. With the 9.7 version, Opera has added the polish mobile browsers desperately lack and has incorporated support for many users' most asked for features.

Here is among the new features in Opera Mobile 9.7,

1. The inclusion of Flash Lite, which should open up a whole new world of web pages to the mobile community.
2. Include Google Gears, which will offer access to Google applications like Gmail and Google Docs when offline.
3. Adds support for silky-smooth OpenGL ES hardware accelerated graphics. This should help make the browser's animations more fluid (this requires 3D hardware and drivers, available on many smart phones, including HTC models).
4. The new version also uses server-side compression to offer ultra-fast page load times. In a speed test, the new browser loaded a website in 9 seconds that took Microsoft's Internet Explorer mobile over 3 minutes.

It is worth noting that most of these features are available in the beta of Skyfire, a new independent browser entry for Windows Mobile smart phones. However, Opera Mobile 9.7 one ups Skyfire as well, offering WXGA and VGA support. Opera Mobile is also available on a couple of mobile OS's besides Windows Mobile. It's also supported on S60 and UIQ operating systems.

Sadly, neither entry is available for the popular iPhone, due to Apple's restrictions on third-party browsers. However, the good news is that these new entries place the onus on Apple and other smartphone makers to make more full-functioned browsers or risk losing business.

Opera Mobile 9.7 is currently being tested and will be released to the public in a few short months.

Info: www.dailytech.com

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If you read the title of this post, don't you think if I was a "senior" Math Teacher. No, I'm a new math teacher too. I've find this article at http://www.mathgoodies.com written by Gisele Glosser. I think the article i've found is good enought for my self. So I decide to post the article in my blog for sharing with the other new math teacher. Here is Tips For New Math Teacher:

1. Try not to frown on wrong answers. It discourages students from participating. Critical thinking and honest effort are more important than correct answers

2. There is no teaching without control of your class. It is better to fall behind by a day or two early in the year to address discipline, than to have an uphill battle all year long over behavior.

3. Avoid talking over your students. If there is too much noise in the classroom, sometimes the best thing to do is to stop talking.

4. Routine and structure are good, but too much of it can cause you and your class to fall into a rut. Try to vary activities from time to time.

5. Encourage active participation from your students. From time to time, call students to the board, or allow them to work in groups. Avoid giving teacher-directed lessons all of the time.

6. Try to be flexible. Math can be a rigid topic, but you don't have to be. For example, I have a strict rule against chewing gum. But I close my eyes to it during a test.

7. Try to spell out what topics will be on the test. Telling your students to "Study Chapter 6" is not enough, especially if they have poor study skills.

8. In some schools, math is the only subject where students are grouped by ability (i.e. homogeneously). This makes it stand out more than other subjects. Parents may frequently ask: "Why didn't Johnny get an A in math? He got one in all his other subjects." Some parents may insist that their child be placed in the top math group, even when the child does not belong there.

9. It is important to get support from an administrator when it comes to difficult issues such as math groupings. Ask that they be present at conferences with difficult parents.

10. If a student was present for all the material taught, but is absent on the day of the test, then on the day the student returns, inform him/her of the make-up day and time. Don't let it go more than a day or two. However, if the student missed part or all of the material taught, you should give him a deadline by which to make up all missed work, and a new test date. It may be helpful to contact the parent in this case. A student should not be penalized for being absent. However, they can be penalized for failing to make up missed work.

11. I recommend a technique called "Front Loading". Students are most motivated to learn at the beginning of the school year. Rather than reviewing material from the previous school year, why not introduce a topic they haven't seen before?

12. Try to teach students good problem-solving skills. When your students enter the work place, their superiors will not give them a worksheet with 25 least common multiple (LCM) exercises. They will more likely have a scheduling problem that needs to be solved using LCM concepts.

13. To motivate students, give out awards for both good academics and for good effort.

14. Do your best to be fair to students. You will earn their respect this way.

15. The best motivator of all is connecting math to the real world. For example, when teaching the metric system, have students bring in empty cartons and bottles from their kitchen.

From: http://www.mathgoodies.com

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In the 80's, generally we enjoy the music by using the radio cassette/tape. If you still have some favourite collection of songs that recorded on a cassette, may be it's difficult experiencing to enjoy the MP3 player or maybe you want to change the format from the cassette tapes to the digital recordings that we can play with mp3 or CD player. So don't be confuse! Grace Tape 2 USB can help to do that.

Record your cassette tapes directly to your PC or Mac with the TAPE2USB. Fully functional cassette deck with counter function and built-in 2.5” speaker. The volume adjustable speaker allows you to listen to your cassettes or simply monitor the music as you download it. Plug & play USB audio interface. No drivers required! Audacity software for PC and Mac included to edit recordings.
After you download your music to your PC or Mac you can listen to your songs via any media player (including iTunes or Windows media player), upload them to your iPod or even burn your music to a CD.

The TAPE2USB even includes RCA stereo connections and cable if you desire to listen to your cassettes through your home stereo system.
Product Features
• Cassette tape deck
• Records from auxiliary sources via cassette tape deck to PC
• Record level indicator & record level control
• CrO2 Tape play & CrO2 record buttons
• Counter display & reset
• 2.5” 1W monitor speaker (mono) & volume control
• Records & plays in stereo sound
• Records & plays from cassettes to PC
• Records from auxiliary sources to cassettes
• Cassette & line-in selection button
• USB connection
• RCA In record R/L jacks
• RCA Out play R/L jacks
• Audacity software discs for PC & Mac
The price of a single packet is $129.99
Source: http://www.gracedigitalaudio.com

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Math Problems again. At this time I had to post some math problems for 12th years Social Science of High School. The math problems I had to post is about SINGLE INTEREST. To see the math problems with JPG form, you can click Read More at the bottom side of this post and click the picture of math problem to see the real size of the math problems picture.

You can see this math problems in http://matematikomputer.blogspot.com with the Indonesian language. I hope it will bring advantage for you.

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