Logo OfficeMicrosoft had announce that Office 2010 will be launched soon. But Microsoft did not want to make sure the date when the product would be lounch. The software maybe will be in the market at the quarter of next year. However, many software reviewer from many media, have got a little information about the excelent fiture of latest version of the software is owned by Bill Gates.

Office 2010 will be slightly different from previous versions. On this latest edition, Microsoft will develop the most pupular software in the world with web-based operation. Where users can create and edit documents in a web browser. So that Office 2010 can be synchronized with the Internet online. This main function will differentiate this product with Office 2007.
This seems intended to compete Googgle, since a year ago has spread documents operation programme online and free, through the features of Google.doc, Office 2010 product will be marketed to corporate and individual. The online version will also be provided so that we can buy the software by downloading it.

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  1. Junks Says:

    wow.. just know it here.. good info..

  2. budhi Says:

    Mas Agus...Kabar Baik..
    Nih Ada Info Bisnis Unik Karya Pakar IT.Silahkan Cermati barang sejenak...Dan Mari Saling Berbagi Selagi Muda
    Salam sukses...Sukses Anda Sukses Kita Semua

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